Covid-19 Policy

Vaccination Policy

No service will be provided without proof of vaccination given once you arrive. I do not need advanced proof of vaccination. Please bring your vaccine passport (with QR-code) to your appointment.

Mask Policy

Masks are required inside the building I live in. 

Masks are also required inside my condo unit until I have checked your vaccination record. Once I have checked your vaccination record, masks will no longer be required during the appointment.

If you use disposable masks and require a new mask to leave the building, one will be provided for you. Masks will not be provided in order for you to enter the building before the appointment however.

"but I showed you my vaccination records last time" Policy

I DO NOT keep records of who is vaccinated or who is not. I will require vaccination records from ALL clients regardless of how long it has been since your last visit. I have no interest in keeping records I don't need!