Escort Services Booking

Escort Services are only available to clients in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. Thank you.

Submissive Matt reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time for any reason.

Booking Escort Services means you accept the Code of Conduct (link at bottom of page)

Long term Clients  have access to more advanced services. Group and parties are also accepted if the purchaser is a long term client. 

All services are to be agreed on before service starts. Payment must be completed before service starts as well and can be done in person (cash) or by E-Transfer.

Non-sexual services are available from this service provider. These include dates, cuddle sessions, talking, or any friendly activity. These services will not become sexual in the same booking no matter what. If you want sex or any sexual service then you need to book accordingly. (These services are still restricted to 18+ only)

Service is dependent on ALL clients having their vaccinations! I have mine, and will show my vaccine record upon your arrival for you appointment. Click the link above to see the whole policy.

Services can also be booked without membership to this site by calling, texting, or emailing the service provider directly.

      Cell: (780) 405-1407


All Blocked Numbers will be ignored! The best way to book is texting.

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