How to Be a Good Date

  •  Please shower and shave before seeing the service provider. Let's face it after a long day, you may need it. It's not much effort and you'll get more action. If you’re going to the service provider's location directly from your work, (an incall) simply ask to use the service provider's shower. The service provider will be happy to provide you with a clean towel.

  • After communication with the service provider, you will know the fee. When you meet with the service provider, offer the fee. There is no need to be crass and make the service provider ask for it.

  • Requests are welcome, but always let the service provider guide the sex. Follow the service provider's lead. You'll have a much better time.

  • Do not expect miracles. If you are exhausted from a long day at work and/or on medications such as high blood pressure etc, we'll do all we can for you, but remember we are not celestial beings.

  • Like any other service, the hour begins when you or the service provider arrive at the prearranged place. The hour does not begin after chatting for 10 or 15 minutes. When clients insist the hour begins at the moment we get into bed with you, at that point we all pretty much go on to work to rule. In other words, we cannot connect with you as a potentially good client, and so will not try our best, to put it mildly.

  • Don't make rude comments even if they are disguised as compliments. It's always best to be kind and courteous.

  • Ask a question once, ie., do you have x kind of sex? Repeated asking is harassment.

  • Please do not arrive early and/or try and stay late. Don’t expect free time. This sort of coercive behavior does not endear us to you.

  • When seeing the service provider at their location, (an incall), it may take a minute or two for the service provider to answer the door. We understand you can be eager to see the service provider but a little patience goes a long way. Whatever you do, please, do not start knocking on the service provider's door like you're Genghis Khan. This knocking only serves to spin us out and, really, is there any reason to let all of the service provider's neighbors know you're there? We take your discretion and privacy seriously. Please do the same for us. Because then it works out for all of us. We appreciate this one a lot.

  • Please do not communicate excessively either on the phone or through e-mail when booking an appointment.

  • If you are consistently receiving poor service from different sex professionals, ask yourself why.

  • With the popularity of digital camera cells, please do not ask for or expect an up to the second photo of the service provider to be sent to you immediately. Understand that we have real lives and may be in the process of doing other real life things. Things like:

    • walking the dog

    • dealing with children

    • having a phone conversation with parents, (yes, we have them too)

    • on the computer

    • about to masturbate

    • having a nap

    • taking a shower

    • preparing a nutritious & delicious dinner

    • plotting how to take over the world

    • vacuuming and dusting

    • working on university courses

       However, we don't mind sending a recent photo. 

 If you wish to book services with less than 24 hours notice please text or email the service provider

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