Accepted Payment Methods

All services will only be rendered upon receipt of payment. Any time it takes to render payment is up to the client to plan for. 

The service provider recommends pre-paying if you are planning on using a payment method that is slow.


Cash is the default payment method. I accept any currency denominations under $100 bills. I only accept currency that is legal tender in Canada. No foreign currency is accepted.


E-Transfer is accepted. However, the service will not be provided until the service provider has confirmation of the funds being deposited. All funds can be sent to the following email with a note of your name and time of appointment. Any cancellation by either party can be dealt with by either a return of all funds or by rescheduling (at the clients discretion)  ---- auto deposit enabled so no password is required


BitCoin is accepted at the current market value. All BitCoin transfers must be pre-approved by the service provider in order to receive a wallet to transfer to. Be aware of the time BitCoin takes to transfer funds and plan ahead as the service will not begin until the funds have been received. 

At the current time, the service provider can not accept the following payment methods:

Personal Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Gift Cards