I have the best friends ever :)

A lot of people in the escorting business are worried about telling people what they do. They are worried about being judged, hated or even hurt by those they call friends or family.

I am thankful that everyone in my life is so supportive and amazing :) To have so many people be so understanding and non judgmental is wonderful.

I will never recommend that every escort tells people close to them, but I wish we all could. Having a support group outside of the business makes life so much easier. It removes the worries associated with "normal" life and lets you really enjoy being an escort and bringing happiness to people :)

So while I am pretty sure that none of my friends or family actually read this blog (most of them get told what I do everyday on my private Snapchat) ... I just want to say thank you to the amazing people in my life :)

And while I am thanking people, I want to thank all the amazing clients who have treated me with respect. You have made this business the fun and awesome experience it is. You have really opened my eyes to just how much the human race needs love and sex ... and how wonderful it is to be able to provide that :)

Love you all :)

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