Keeping Life and Escorting separate.

Keeping Life and Escorting separate.

A lot of escorts are worried that clients will see them on the street, or in the mall, or on dates ... and expect them to be happy to see the client. They expect us to remember them and want to talk about escorting or sex.

We are real people with normal lives. Please respect that and keep our fun sexy times and our real lives separate.

For me, the risk is my parents. They are conservative people and would not accept what I do. For others, the risk is work, school, friends ... etc. No one wants their lives ruined because of some fun.

As an escort I love my job. I get to make my clients happy and I get to have tons of fun. However, I do not want to lose my normal life, my family, friends .. etc because of it.

Rant over ... continue fun times ...


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