My view on escorting and "cheating"

A lot of clients (in fact most) are male. This means that escorts tend to be labeled in the media as "whores" who tempt guys into cheating.

While I do get clients who are married, or have a partner ... I do not view what I do as a problem. The "problem" is a myth.

The Myth:

1 - All people love sex

2 - Sex is the same as romance

3 - If you can't please your partner it means you failed

4 - everyone needs the same thing in bed

The Facts:

1 - A lot of people don't like sex. This is not a problem, or a sign that something is "wrong" with them. It is just natural.

2 - Romantic feelings and love can be enhanced with sex, but sex is not the end all be all of love. Love is formed with connection, trust, honesty and mutual interests. Just because sex is not there (or always there) is not important.

3 - There are people who need no sex, or a specific type of sex to have an orgasm. People (especially women) have been "trained" by society to fake orgasms because it is "expected" that they like sex and please their partners. Be honest ... trust me ... if you talk about all the issues, differences and other topics then your partner will do what they can to make life, love and sex the best for you.

4 - Doing the same thing over and over, makes you very good at one thing ... but the chances of that one thing being the perfect thing for your partner is almost 0. And even if it is ... variety is the spice of life. Hiring an escort can give you and your partner some new ideas, methods or allow experimentation with someone who is sexual and ready to meet your needs.

Some people need more sex than others. By providing my services, I get to make it so that couples can keep the romance alive without losing it due to opposite sexual drives. Sex needs to stop being a topic that everyone is scared to talk about. We need to have the discussions about sex, wants, needs, and expectations early in relationships. Then, if there are differences, we need to figure out methods of solving this rather than living unhappily just to "not be single".

An escort can be a great way to fix this "problem" as with an escort, you don't have to worry about romantic feelings forming. We are professionals.

If you are the partner of someone who wants to be a client, feel free to contact an escort. Just don't be mad or mean to the escort. We are people too. If you want to meet an escort to ask questions about protection, sti checks, or other concerns before your partner becomes a client then just ask them.

A good escort will truthfully answer your questions ... or even meet you (for free ... maybe a coffee) so you can be happy with the arrangement. We are not the evil whores that the world thinks we are. We are just people who love sex and want to make others happy.

These are my opinions. While the are a lot of studies done that back up this information, I have not had any training in psychology. So take this with a grain of salt. If you and your partner are having difficulties and you do not feel comfortable talking about it then I recommend finding a therapist.

If you find out your partner is seeing an escort behind your back, then deal with your partner. Do not take your anger out on the escort.

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