Prices and Extras

Prices and Extras

I know a lot of you will be wanting me to list a set of prices for extras. But I prefer to leave that up to negotiation in text and email. That way I can give you a deal if you want combinations or if you want only one to try ... etc. So here is a list of the extras. Feel free to ask about them :)

1) Anal

- I view anal on a case to case basis, depending on how big your cock or strap-on is and how rough you want.

2) Roleplay

- Simple roleplay is included, however more complicated or in depth will cost

3) Rough Play

- The rougher you want the more it costs. Plus rough anal is more than rough oral.

4) Boyfriend Experience or Porn Star Experience

- Costs more but I know it would be fun :)

If something you want to try is not on this list or the standard services in the Code of Conduct then feel free to msg me about it. I am extremely non-judgmental and open about kink. I know there are fetishes out there that I am not into but I may like to try with you. The worst you will get is a no :)

Just remember ... I want to be safe and clean so keep that in mind too :)

 If you wish to book services with less than 24 hours notice please text or email the service provider

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