Some common Questions and their Answers :)

I get asked a lot of questions by my clients that I think I should make a post about. These questions are not sex related as such (no prices here) but are more personal.

1) Why am I an escort?

I started escorting as an attempt to overcome my ocd compulsions that stopped me from being intimate with anyone. (More on my ocd later) By receiving money in exchange for my services, I remove any doubt in my mind about the consent of the other party :) Since then I have found that I actually really enjoy escorting so I will continue to do so.

2) What is my ocd?

I have Pure ocd closely related to harm ocd. Basically I am constantly worried that I will hurt others (mostly women) and as such have developed multiple compulsions that I am fighting through. The one that most affects escorting is my worry that consent is not actually there or is forced. If you want more info about ocd then please search for it as I am not that good at explaining it (I have sexual harm ocd).

3) Why am I an escort when I am not a "super hot" guy with a 10 inch penis?

True, I am not some buff guy with a massive penis. In fact I have erectile dysfunction so definitely not a "normal" escort at all. But I love giving pleasure and using my hands and mouth anyways. As to the body, yes I have a little extra weight and less muscle than most "hot" guys, but I make up for it with real personality. I don't pretend to be someone I am not when I am with a client (unless you want to roleplay). I prefer to be me. Sure I am not everyone's choice of escort, but I hope to make some people happy anyways :)

4) What do I do when I am not with a client?

My life is basically split into three parts. Social events (usually found on FetLife) and hanging out with my friends is a big part of what I do. These events help me with my ocd as well as being fun. Looking for a job is part 2. I am attempting to find a "normal" job to keep me "grounded". Not only would it give me a slightly more reliable income, it would help keep my mind centered on what life really is instead of a steady stream of clients. The final part of my life is "alone time". I usually either play video games, watch NetFlix, or cuddle with my stuffies :)

If anyone has any other questions you think I should answer like this, please bring them to my attention.

If you need to talk about mental, social, or any other issues (not sexual) then you can contact me as well. I am always happy to give my opinions or support. That being said, I am not a psychologist so for serious issues please use a professional.

Love you all <3


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