What an hour means to me ...

I have had a lot of questions about what it means to get an hour service ... for me it is simple ... I am not going to watch the clock ... you get whatever time you want until I notice it is past time (and then some if I want to finish).

I do not charge extra if I let you use extra time, I am the one who has decided not to set alarms or watch the clock ... I want you to be happy with the service you payed for ... after all .. that is why I do this :)

That being said. If you decide to cut the time short (for any reason) ... this does not entitle you to free services or discounts next time. I have no issue leaving early if you are happy with the level and quality of service I have given ... but I must remind you that you payed for the time ... if you don't use it that is your choice.

If the service is an incall and you get called away for an emergency (family, friends, work ... etc) then I can make exceptions to this at my choice ... but I can not afford to pay for the gas and driving time if you let me go early for an outcall.

Thanks for understanding and I hope I get to make each and every person who reads this the happiest you have ever been soon :)

Call me :)

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