Why do people think it is ok to scam escorts?

I have had quite a few calls from people who seem interested in my services ... only to either not let me in once I arrive or demand lots of services before paying.

Just because I am an escort does not mean I can just waste money buying gas so you and your friends can be amused at the "dumb" escort who drives across town for sex. This is my job! How would you like it if I walked into your place of business, drank my coffee, and just walked out?

I tried to ask for a deposit from all new clients to alleviate this problem but that is not working so I guess my only other option is to start to be far more picky when it comes to new clients. Sorry to everyone who just wants to have fun ... the losers have ruined it again.

So if you are one of those people that thinks an escort is there for nothing more than your amusement ... please grow up. I may love my job, but it is still my job ... not an amusing fun evening out.

To all my clients who have treated me with respect ... you are all angels (except in bed of course) ... you are the people I do this for ... I love each and every one of you :)

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